Oh how I love, love! Honestly, I’m “that guy” when it comes to love stories, movies, books, etc. But when the love story is actually real, not fictional, I mean really real, my heart can barely handle it.

Everyone meet Dylan and Brooke.

High school sweethearts.

And soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Oh, love was definitely in the air on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 in Piedmont Park.

I had gotten a text from Dylan earlier in the week about a potential proposal and whether or not I would be available to capture the proposal. I was way too excited for this opportunity and the potential it had to be EPIC.

Dylan called me later that evening with all the details, and man, was he prepared. Usually guys need a lot of help from family or friends with big decision like this, the location, the time, etc.… But not Dylan, he had a plan and he was so ready!

So, Saturday comes around and Dylan and I exchanged a few texts early in the day just verifying we were still good to go, and that the plan was the same.  I arrived at Piedmont Park around 4:45, and made my way to the location Dylan had chosen. It was just as perfect as the pictures he had sent me! I had a nice stranger pose for me so I could make sure everything looked right, and I got my camera settings locked in.

Dylan and Brooke were supposed to arrive at 5, so the anxious waiting began…

As I waited by a gigantic tree near the small pier, there were several people walking down to the water, in the exact spot Dylan was supposed to pop the question. It was 4:53 when I checked my watch and I was started to get a little worried that there would be people in the way for the big moment. So, starting at 4:55, every person who walked down I would kindly approach, explain what was about to happen where they were standing, and ask them to leave… HAHA. Yes, it was awkward, but I was way too nice for anyone to tell me no! Most were just random people enjoying the view, some were photographers with other couples (they got there few shots and moved out of the way swiftly). It was an awesome experience! Seeing so many complete strangers respect and understand what I was saying and where I was coming from, they were all so sweet and moved quickly out of the way, seeing that Dylan and Brooke were going to be there any moment! Several of them stuck around nearby because they were excited for the proposal and wanted to witness it also!

One of the strangers I had befriended as I was waiting nearby leaned around the tree and said, “Is the guy wearing a vest?” I peeked around the corner and THERE THEY WERE! Oh my heart was racing, I thought man, I should not be this nervous, hopefully Dylan’s heart is racing just as fast!

I honestly did not expect this to go so perfectly, but it did. It did! It did!

Dylan and Brooke walked down the steps to see the view, I darted out from behind the tree and Dylan looked over his shoulder to see if I was there and gave me the ‘ok, our plan actually worked & I’m about to do it, are you ready?’ nod…. And I nodded back!

And boom, just like that, he was down on one knee and she was shocked!

She said yes and accepted the ring, and a roar of applause came from the crowd of strangers that I had befriended that day in Piedmont Park.

And the rest is just history! Well there’s not much more to it anyways… We made a few stops on the way back to the parking deck to get a few sweet pics of the love birds, as they had reservations back in Dalton to eat dinner and celebrate with all their family! Dylan just kept a giddy little grin on his face the rest of the evening, there was a sense of relief in his mind I think… and Brooke, well Brooke could not stop looking at her ring.


And just like that, love won me over once again! I mean seriously. I get the opportunity again and again to capture such incredible moments in people’s lives that it’s almost difficult to consider this a “job”.

Planning a proposal? Don’t hesitate to contact me to capture the special day!

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