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Photograph Coverage in Chatsworth, Dalton and Chattanooga Area

While we may be a pretty popular team in some areas, we wanted to make sure you know who we are and what we’re all about.  It’s important to you and us. Of course if we cover your event, you’ll know us long before that date rolls around.  It’s important that you know your photographers well in advance.  We’re always available for questions or any help we can provide and it doesn’t matter if you booked us not.



Owner - Photographer

My Dad was a Baptist Minister, so I didn’t grow up rich.  We were poor, but we (brothers and sister) didn’t know it.  We had everything we needed and didn’t know that we should want more.  Looking back, I realize just how amazing that was.  What it did do was set my moral compass.

I’m married to my wife Linda and have 4 boys, Chris, Jeff, James and Jordan.  I retired from the Air Force and then went back to work (civil service) as Director of a mission critical network at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.  I wrote and maintained two major software programs COLIS and UNIS.  With a worldwide install base, this was my Forrest Gump moment.  Originally from Loudon, TN.

When I was young I was more interested in taking a camera apart, rather than getting images from the film.  Maybe, we couldn’t afford to buy film.  My first true introduction into photography was during college.  I wasn’t an art or journalism major , not even close.  I enrolled in my first photography class, looking for easy credits.  After all, I had a 35mm SLR complete with a variety of lens.  How hard could it be?  I learned really quick, most of what I thought I knew was wrong and what I didn’t know was huge.  But I learned, how to develop and print film, exposure, lighting ratios, composition and the math to calculate all of these things.  However, the most important thing I learned was the importance and meaning of the images.  How to look for emotions and reactions and how to tell a story with the images.  I learned a lot after the class as well.  Yes, I carried lights and watched for a while, even got to shoot second a few times.  It was these times that I learned the most.

After moving to Georgia, I took pictures at local events, some weddings and a lot of my son’s sporting events.  But not as a photographer, just as someone who had a camera.  I did this for well over 2 years.  Only after being approached multiple times by a group of parents wanting to buy images, that I even considered selling them.  I was giving them away.  I wasn’t in the photography business.  But they wanted them sooner and they wanted to buy them.

This was a big step for me.  I always felt, if you give someone something then there is no expectation of quality.  If you sell someone something there is an expectation of value.  So I talked to friends, to get their opinion.  My intention was to do the photography part-time.  However, after a short period of time, things began to grow and this part-time business became a full-time business.  I am blessed to be able to do this.




Photographer - Designer - Fashion

I can tell you Jessica is nothing short of amazing.  In fact, our whole story is pretty amazing.  I’ve photographed Jessica since she was a cheerleader and dance student in middle school.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think she would become part of our team.  Jessica is married to Tucker and they have a son Cannon.  She believes in God, Country and Family.  So we have a lot in common.  She started out as an assistant, working with lights and setups.  But it wasn’t long until she became a vital part of our team.  I sometimes think that we are the success that we are because of her.

When it comes to style, fashion or dance, I always seek her opinion.  She never misses.  Jessica’s eye for composition and angles is terrific.  She has moved from taking snap shots, during her high school years, to taking breathtaking images of wedding events.

Jessica’s images and style are all her own.  When Jessica shows up at a wedding, she is either planning, answering questions from the Bride or taking images.  We are a team and Jessica skills are a big part of that team.

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