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Wowza, my first blog post. I’ve been meaning to do this at least once a month since the great merge of Bill & Jessica took place a few months back, but let’s be honest, time management is HARD. I’ve also had a heck of a time deciding what my first post would be on; a family session, babies, a wedding, there is just too many options- and then THIS happened.


A first for me. 5 girls, all graduating on the same day, in the same place, with the same degree, oh and they’re all like super close friends.

This. Was. Perfect.

Okay, so the day started out perfect (well perfect from a photographers P.O.V). It was overcast, which meant no running and hiding from the sun, we could embrace any location the girls wanted to utilize. Although I must add that it was only 45 degrees outside, but we were already having so much fun, I forgot I couldn’t feel my fingers.

We started out the session with a few simple group poses in caps and gowns and then the fun started! I mean these girls were R.E.A.D.Y. They were so prepared with their Pinterest perfect ideas, and I was so pumped. It was such an easy and fun time shooting.


They were all soooo relaxed and very
comfortable in front of the camera. I mean we just kept things rolling. I’d shoot a few and then ask, “Okay, so what’s next?” And it was like BOOM! Next idea and location! Prepared was an understatement for these 5!

All in all, it was quite the experience. I’ve shot seniors (more so High School then College) and I’ve shot groups, but never the two combined. Can’t help but ponder on the fact that in 4 years, one of these 5 ladies might be greeting my Booger Bear on his first day of school.

They’re going to KILL IT at being educators!

I am so thankful they picked me to capture these memories and for the opportunity to put a little more experience under my belt! Let’s give these College Grads some much deserved “Congrats!”

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