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Our first Quinceañera

Sherri Hezron. Celebrating 15 years of life.   This was our first Quinceañera (well Bill has shot one before, several years back, but our first together). It was very interesting being a part of a ceremony that I had never experienced before. I was really excited...

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Olivia’s Arrival – Hospital Visit

Newborn Babies - Dalton, GA Olivia Reagan Rowe Hospital Visit   Delivery began March 6th at 5am. Makenzie was scheduled to be induced, because baby Olivia was very comfy in mommy's belly, and was not ready to make her entrance into this world just yet! (even...

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Piedmont Park Proposal

Oh how I love, love! Honestly, I’m “that guy” when it comes to love stories, movies, books, etc. But when the love story is actually real, not fictional, I mean really real, my heart can barely handle it. Everyone meet Dylan and Brooke. High school sweethearts. And...

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Wedding of Chris and Leah

Special Wedding For Less Than You Think Pulling off that spectacular wedding on a budget, might be easier than you think.  This is about Chris & Leah, from Centerville, GA that did just that.  Here is how they did it.  First guys you have to find a smoking hot...

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Love Story

This is a true Love Story about wedding vow renewals.  We all have things we would change in our life.  That might be something like not selling that 65 Mustang you got as your first car.  My first car was a tan 1963 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon and it was about...

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Affordable Wedding Photographer in Dalton

We're the affordable wedding photographers you're look for! Every photographer say's that, right?  What's surprising is, we don't know what other photographers charge or what they have in their collections.  So, if we don't "shop" other photographers, how can we be so...

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Natural Light Engagement Shoot

Patrick & Amber in natural light. 19 JUNE, 2016 Natural Light Wedding - Engagement Nikon Camera Natural Light Engagement Sessions is not something that I do often.  I will most always us a flash or at least a reflector.  But trying to think outside the box a bit,...

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