A few things about finding YOUR Wedding Photographer.

First, lets set just a few ground rules for finding the perfect wedding photographer.  No Bride has ever said “I don’t want great wedding pictures of the whole day.  I just want a few of the ceremony.” and really meant it in her heart.  Most times it’s due to budget constraints, weddings can get expensive.  Let’s pretend you have an unlimited amount to spend on wedding photography.  I know that’s not the case, everybody has a budget, but for now, we have an endless budget.  This is fun already, freeeeee money.

Kiss on Bride MagazineSo you start searching the web, googling every wedding word you can think of, not to mention hours on Facebook and Instagram pages.  There was a time when you could find only a couple of wedding photographers in your area, so you had to look hard to even create your small list.  However, in today’s digital world everywhere you turn there is a photographers Facebook page.  However, with all those to choose from your job has changed from wanting to find more to, eliminating as many as possible.  Here are a few things that I’ve compiled from a number wedding photographers.

Review the photographers website.

 If the photographer doesn’t have a website, you might want to do some more looking.  Now there are exceptions (that’s true with everything) but they are far and few between.  Maybe most importantly a website, above everything else, says I’m serious about my photography business.  A person with a camera might take 100 shots and have 4 keepers, a professional photographer has to take 100 shots and have 96 keepers.  Here is our dedicated Wedding Photography Website

Good Wedding Photographers Get Booked First

You need to make your list and make your selection as soon as possible.  Many photographers book up a year in advance.  Don’t rush too fast, look around and find a photographer that works for you.

Find out if the photographer offers on-line proofing

Do you want an on-line gallery for your out-of-town guests and family members will be able to view and order pictures of you wedding.

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