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Love your work Bill. You're the best. My daughters pictures are absolutely awesome and I would recommend you to anyone.
Lisa H
Crandall, GA
You totally amazed us with pictures of my daughters wedding day. As always I've been so pleased with the quality of all your work. I love that you have been able to capture so many moments and memories for my family.
Jennifer M
Chatsworth, GA
The photos that Bill take are truly works of art. He is so very talented to be able to see the small details that most of us would miss. That and the fact that he is close to a perfectionist when it comes to his photography. Beautiful work. If you haven't used his services then you are missing out on one of the best in the business.
Betty H.
Cincinnati, OH.
Amazing! We looked at other photographers but I'm so glad I found you. I can’t tell enough how pleased we are with the pictures from the wedding. You seemed to have captured every moment. Priceless…
Sandy G
Chatsworth, GA
The pictures turned out better than I could ever imaged! You are wonderful and was able to capture just what I wanted for engagement photos. Your ideas are unequal and captures even the emotion that is so desired in engagement photo. I couldn't have asked for a more polite and skilled photographer. Thank you so much for capturing the most memorial and treasured moments of my life.
Danielle Banks
Chattanooga, TN
Lisa G
Tennga, GA
We love our family pictures and had fun during the photo shoot! Our prints look good, and we love the canvases you helped us with. We can't wait to plan out our wedding photos next!
Jeff M
Savannah, GA
Bill Wells does an AMAZING job with photography. He took me and my fiancés pictures during the fall, and every picture turned out absolutely gorgeous!
Eton, GA
My senior pictures are amazing!!! I couldn't ask for a better photographer. You really connect with people and that makes it so much fun. I wouldn't trust any other person with my pictures. You really know how to capture a beautiful and memorable moment.
Chatswoth, GA
We couldn’t be happier with our wedding pictures. You exceeded all our expectations! Plus you were so helpful and very fun to work with…
Morgan S
Crandall, GA
It was so nice to have such a wonderful photographer at our wedding. The images are outstanding and will be treasured…
Leah M.
Kathleen, GA
Bill Wells is AMAZING. He's fun to work with and has such unique ideas. I wouldn't recommend anyone other than Bill and I wouldn't let anyone else but him do mine! His done my pictures on several occasions and I've never ever been disappointed! He's AWESOME!
Chatsworth, GA

Where Are Dalton and Chatsworth, GA Best Wedding Photographers?

Well it all depends and by-the-way, it doesn’t matter if your in Chatsworth, GA, Dalton, GA or Atlanta, GA.  In fact, it doesn’t really matter if your are anywhere in North Georgia, it’s still the same.  The hunt is on for the best wedding photographer.

So how do you define “Best Wedding Photographer”, the way we look at it is, who works best with you and for you.  You can almost forget about pricing at this point in your hunt.  Let’s say you don’t like anything sour, but the store has sweet candy for $1.00 and the sour candy is only 25 cents.  Which would you buy?  Would you pay 25 cents for something you don’t like or would you pay a bit more for something you like.  I think you get my point.  I’m not saying that everything is about price, I’m saying to stop and think.  Take a look at our dedicated site for some of our work.

We do a limited number of Weddings each year.  We also do a lot of hand holding, from the time you book, until you walk down the isle.  So you will know what we are going to do for you and how we are going to do it.  One less thing you have to worry about.  Believe me, the day of the wedding, the Bride is in panic mode.  You want everything to be perfect and it’s a lot of pressure.  To help in your search for the best wedding photography here are some tips

Wedding Couple Drives Away

Wedding Photography

Wedding pictures are not just a bunch of images, they are a bunch of memories.  When your wedding day draws to a close and all the guest have departed, you can rest assured that the memories of your wedding are safe and secure.

Groom Proposes to Bride


Next to your wedding the engagement is the most exciting times.  It’s a wonderful time to relax, be yourselves and make beautiful engagement pictures.

Congratulations Seniors

High School Seniors

Senior Pictures are a right of passage and lets face it you have a lot of options.  We put the “you” in your senior pictures.  From first meeting to final delivery.  Your senior portraits should be all about you and who you are.  So that’s how we do it.

We're easy to talk to.

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